Monday, March 30, 2009

I heart you in blue

This is one of my favorites. The focal is polymer clay. I impressed a heart then painted and sealed it. Priced at $30.00

Lovely, huh?

This reminds me of spring. It is 21 inches long and priced at $40.00.

If I had only picked you....

This necklace is absolutely beautiful. Greens and browns. 19 inches long and priced at $45.00

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sterling Bird Earrings

I love these earrings. I hammered the sterling silver into shape then made the earwires. The birds, my dad gave me out of his stash. He had them forever tucked away somewhere. These earrings are priced at $20.00. SOLD

Butterfly Necklace

The focal is polymer clay with a black leather cord. Priced at $12.00


This is Vinny. He is our entertainment. We have not had a dull moment since he came into our lives.


This is Delanie.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Marcie is the boss of everyone. She is a very serious little soul.

Chive Blossom


The flowers in full bloom in the middle of summer.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Double Dragonfly

This is made of polymer clay. I made the images with a rubber stamp. Baked it, painted it, sealed it.

It is priced at $12.00



My favorite little corner of the yard

This is my most favorite corner in my yard. The birdhouse with moonflowers growing on it, the old window planter, the old bench was here when we moved in, I'm afraid it will fall apart soon. The crosses on the fence. I have more to add. And yes, that is a bowling ball beside the bench.

Bleeding Heart

Beautiful Bleeding Heart


This bracelet combines my favorites, turquoise, red coral, opalite, howlite and agate. It's a big chunky bracelet that will get attention. It's 8 inches long and priced at $20.00.

Glass Pendent

This is one of my soldered glass pendents. I sandwich the picture between two pieces of glass, tape it, flux it and solder. There is another image on the backside. It is on a green leather cord. Priced at $15.00

Sterling Silver Hoops

These are made of sterling silver that I hammered into shape and then added the little accent beads. Problem is.....I can't find them!!! I probably wore them, took them off and stuck them in a pocket. Who knows, I guess I will have to make another pair. That is the great thing about making your own jewelry.

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring

To celebrate the first day of Spring. The daffodils are currently in bloom. What beautiful, sunny yellow flowers.

My fav necklace

This is a most beautiful necklace. Red coral and turquoise and a silver chain with a lovely heart accent. One of my favorite pieces. Notice the large clasp. I know my mother in law appreciates it when I put a larger clasp on the jewelry I make her. Easier for her to get on and off. I get a lot of attention when I wear this. Priced at $40.00.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Compost Buddy

This little fella comes to visit my compost pile quite often. He is even used to the dogs barking at him and just waits them out. He knows there are wonderful treats awaiting in the pile.
I decided to redesign my blog. I deleated everything and I am going to start over. So....what to do. I could post my jewelry pics, or I could post gardening pics, or I could post pics of my dogs. I could post pics of my dogs wearing my jewerly in the garden. No....maybe not. I think I will just start and it will be what it will be.